Best Place to See Fireworks in the USA


The fourth of July is fast approaching, and you can count on some fun fireworks displays. However, where should you place yourself so you can fully enjoy the show? In this article, we provide a list of the best places to watch fireworks in the USA.

Best Places to Watch Fireworks:

  • Addison Circle Park, Addison, TX: This little town is nicknamed the Kaboom town which we find perfectly fitting. They boast a half hour show with their last two displays being the most show stopping. This is appropriate if you want to watch the show with friends or loved ones.
  • Lake Tahoe, California: This is a more romantic setting, surrounded by a lavish fireworks display and the fireworks used are more environment-friendly, which makes it easier to clean up afterwards. This is quieter and more secluded, which makes this area all the more romantic.
  • Gatlinburg, Tenn.: If you’re a history buff, then you’re sure to enjoy this sight. They have kept tradition by starting the show at midnight which makes it all the more fun because less chances of light pollution from happening. Apart from their midnight show, you can enjoy a full-day of activities if you’re looking for something to do before the event.
  • Bar Harbor, Me.: This is a fun spot to go to if you’re looking for a full day filled with fun activities. From a pancake breakfast to live music to take you from day to night. The fireworks display itself doesn’t take too long, at 30 minutes. This gives you enough time to enjoy the festivities without tiring out too much.
  • Miami Beach, Fl.: If you’re a beach bum and don’t mind the big crowd then you can prepare a towel and some sunscreen. This view is quite different from the others because it doesn’t have included festivities before the big show. Of course, you could always spend the day on the beach, enjoying sand and surf before cracking a cold one with a grand fireworks display.

Key Takeaways:

July 4th is the time to celebrate independence. Wherever you choose to celebrate it isn’t too important. What is important, is that you can enjoy the day with a clear head. For more ideas on where to catch the best places to watch fireworks in the USA you can check here: for more fun recommendations.

Travel More By Outsourcing Your Admin Work to a Virtual Assistant


Whether you’ve been running the business for years or have just started, you would know that admin work is one of the most tedious tasks you’ll ever face. With so much to do, you usually have to sacrifice a hobby. If you’re one to travel and you just started a business, then you can count on not seeing a plane for a while. In this article, we talk about outsourcing a VA for admin work so you can travel.

Why You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant:

Going into a business is fun, it’s essentially your brain child. However, some people fail to realize that running a business means making a lot of personal sacrifices to keep the business afloat. Hiring a virtual assistant to deal with the admin work can help you reduce your workload and free up some of your time.

Virtual Admin Services for You:

  • You Have More Time: Hiring a virtual assistant will help you free up more time. Admin work can be long and never ending, which is why we suggest outsourcing a virtual assistant so you can reduce the work you have to do.
  • Lessens Your Cost: When outsourcing a virtual assistant, you don’t have to pay them a regular salary. Instead, you can pay them by the hour for every hour they spend working on your tasks. It’s easy, and you don’t have to shell out so much cash.
  • Frees Up Other Staff: The thing with admin work is that it takes too much time to answer emails. By hiring a virtual assistant you reduce the tasks of your staff that can be used for more important tasks in your company. This is one of the most important functions of virtual assistants.
  • Better Productivity: When working with a virtual assistant, you can finally focus on tasks that are less tedious. If you used to be stuck reading emails all day, now you can focus on networking, making reports, and generally, just being more innovative. Admin work tends to take the fun out of working, which can really cause your productivity to drop.
  • No Need to Make More Space: A virtual assistant will not need extra space in your office. You can outsource a VA and never have to worry about another employee in your building because a VA would be able to work remotely.
  • Avoiding Burnout: The problem with administrative tasks is that it seems endless. If you’re dealing with your admin tasks, then you will experience burnout sooner than later. This is particularly difficult, if you are just starting out with your business. With a VA, you can leave the tasks to them and never worry about them burning out because they train to do these tasks.

Key Takeaways:

Having a business is fun, but losing travel time because of admin work can be frustrating. In this article, we talk about outsourcing a VA for admin work so you can travel.