About Me

I just love travelling the world. In my world travels, I’ve come across many people, companies and organizations that have made my travels even better. On this blog I love to comment about my adventures and highlight various businesses that have led me to enjoy travelling even more.

Many people stress out about traveling, or avoid it all together. They may be afraid of flying, afraid of the unknown, not like sleeping in another bed, or even have a distaste for foreign food. However, when all these unpleasant experiences are turned into things to look forward to, then traveling can truly be a wonderful experience.

Many people know me for traveling around Japan. I used to do a lot of traveling in Japan, but I’ve been focused on other areas of the world, especially the United States.

Please comment on any of my blog posts if you’ve enjoyed reading my blog. I look forward to hearing from you and hearing where you think I should take my next adventure! Also, feel free to contact me any time to let me know what you learned about my blog.