5 Tips in Hiring the Ideal Painting Company for You

5 Tips in Hiring the Ideal Painting Company for You

One might think of painting walls as such an easy task especially when it comes to your home. Tutorial videos are one click away to be specific and paints of different colors are available anywhere. However this job is not as easy as you think it might be.

It requires patience and a lot of expertise since you will not be doing child’s play. You may think a do-it-yourself paint project may be budget friendly but when mistakes are done, you will end up breaking budget by spending more money on correcting flaws that were made.  Hiring a professional painter to get the job done is your best option

Having to appoint with the best painting company is a tough job, one can say. You might think there is no easy way to contact them or that they would require a lot from you. The following tips will help you hire professional painters effortlessly. Not only will you take a little of your time and energy but you will also get a response, and probably the best painters there are.

1.  Inspect Home for Lead Paint

If you happen to have a home built before the 1980s, it’s important that you hire an expert at identifying lead to check it out before you begin any work. Most old houses still have lead paint in the wall’s original layers. High levels of exposure to lead may cause lead poisoning and other issues.

2. Knows How to Prepare the Surface to be Painted

Preparing the walls before it gets painted is a must. If this is completed right, your paint will hold up the best and save you money in the long run. This is why it’s essential that you repair in everything before you begin with your painting project. Walls that are dirty, dusty or even oily should be wiped down with a slightly soapy water solution, especially walls near sinks and stoves where lots of dirt and grime tends to build up. You don’t want to ruin your paint colors after all.

3. Check for the Painting Company’s Experience

Communicate with the painting company on how you want the painting to be done so as they would make their suggestions as well. Make sure that the contract states what kinds of painting tools and products to be used.

This includes asking questions about the preparation phase, whether priming the walls before painting is necessary, the type of primer they recommend and which paint brand they have the most experience with. Also ask how many coats of paint will need performed so your walls look the most professional.

4. Ask for the Painting Quote

Some painting company does not include moving of heavy furniture in their paint quotes and estimates. Before you get started with the painting project, you should never forget to ask about this matter.

In addition to that, having to paint baseboards, crown molding, walls, and ceilings above 8 feet (average size) may also add to the total cost of the entire project. Anyhow, it will always up for the painting company if they will be charging you extra costs for some extra chores. It is always good to be ready.

The painters at Fort Wayne Painters (www.paintersfortwayne.com) has a great system for creating painting quotes. They are very thorough and provide a great breakdown of every item you’ll be paying for.

5. Knows How to Use Complementary Painting Colors

Keep in mind the space of the room. Dark colors tend to decrease the perceived size of the room, while lighter more neutral colors make the space feel larger. We always recommend purchasing a small can of paint and painting several swaths on your wall so you can see which you like best. And always ask the painting contractor for paint color suggestions. Painters may not be interior designers, but they usually have a great eye for what colors go together and which do not.

However, you can also decide the paint on your own, try to test different colors on a small portion of the room and see if the combination of the color is good. Now, if you’re painting your home with the goal of selling it, it’s highly recommended that you use neutral colors.

Final Thoughts

Paint jobs and projects are not easy to do. It requires a lot of effort, time and expertise to get done that is why you need professional help to do the job for you. This does not mean that they will do their task out of their own; your ideas matter as well. There are a lot of painting companies out their but believe it or not, only one is the best and it is only up to you which one is it.